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 We provide the following health services:

  • Mental Health 

  • Primary Care

  • Addiction Disorder Services

  • Veterans Disability Assessments 

  • Education and consultation services

  • Wellness 


In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are only offering telemedicine for our follow-up services right now.  Initial Evaluations are currently offered on-site and telemedicine.


PJO health services, uses the telemedicine platform to provide care to our patients.  We use cutting edge technology that is secure and user friendly to provide most of our services. 

  • Patients can cut down the time to commute, stay in waiting rooms, etc. by receiving the health care they need right from the comfort of their homes.

  • Patients can either call in or schedule appointments online.

  • With our online database, patients can complete all the necessary paperwork needed for their treatment

Quality Health Care

Our staff are highly educated and experienced health professionals with a rich background in different areas of expertise in the health industry.  We leverage the use of technological, financial tools and resources to offer good healthcare to our clients.  


We accept private pay/cash for our services.  We are working on accepting health care insurance in the near future. We work with you to ensure you receive the care needed regardless of your health conditions.  Human life matters, and as a result we engage other financial assistance resources to help our patients pay for their treatments.

Did you know we support the RJOOF? When you use our services, we donate a portion of our revenues to support the health, humanitarian and charitable initiatives  undertaken by RJOOF.  It is for a good cause and we are glad you get to help us make a difference in our world!  Thank you!

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